Happy news! Wade Orthodontics to re-open for regular appointments starting the week of May 4th
Check-in/out instructions for patients (updated 4/22/2021)

COVID-19 Safety Measures: What to expect when you visit Wade Orthodontics

Dear Wade Orthodontics Patients and Families,

As we begin to re-open our practice after COVID-19 closure, we would like to make you aware of some changes to expect when you return to our office. The safety of our patients and our team is our #1 priority, and is the reason for all of the changes and policies listed below. For our current patients, we look forward to seeing you back at Wade Orthodontics, and for new patients, we look forward to meeting you!




-All of our team members will be wearing masks at all times, even our administrative team members who are not directly involved in patient care.

-Changes to the physical space in the office will include: 1) clear barriers at the front desk and other areas to allow for social distancing  2) our kids' play area will be closed and the reception room chairs will be much fewer in number and widely-spaced  3) the toothbrushing station will be temporarily closed (we ask that all patients brush thoroughly BEFORE leaving home to come to the office  4) reception room magazines and tables will be removed and the coffee station will be closed 5) we will only be using every other dental chair to allow 10'+ of space between patients while in the office.

-There will be a one-way traffic flow for patients as they go through their appointment. Patients will enter through the front of the office, exit through the rear of the office and return to the parking area.

-Every patient will be asked standard COVID-19 screening questions upon arriving at the office, including 1) recent history of fever >100 degrees 2) recent history of cough or trouble breathing 3) confirmed or possible exposure to coronavirus within the last 14 days. Additionally, our team will be taking and logging our own temperatures every morning to screen for coronavirus infection. With safety our #1 priority, we reserve the right to reschedule any patient whom we deem poses a significant infection risk.  



-We ask for your full cooperation with all of our safety precautions, which have been put in place to maximize patient/team safety and are in compliance with the best infection-control practice recommendations of the CDC, the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio State Dental Board and the American Association of Orthodontists. 

-Please understand that even though our office is re-opening, we will not be doing "business as usual" for some time. Safety concerns will guide every decision and policy that we make, and may at times outweigh patient wishes and/or convenience. Thank you in advance for your continued patience and flexibility as we together navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

-We strongly encourage parents/drivers to wait in their vehicle during their child's appointment. Please ensure your child knows your personal cell phone number and be prepared for us to call you to discuss screening questions, treatment progress, arrange payments and to schedule a future visit. If it is essential that you enter the building with your child, you will be required to wear a mask at all times. Adult patients are expected to come into the building unaccompanied. All patients are free to wear a mask as they enter/exit the building, but they will be asked to remove their mask during their appointment. At no time will we allow more than one accompanying family member into the office with their child; at this time we cannot allow siblings, friends or additional family members into the office.

-For new patient or treatment planning appointments, one parent should come into the building with their child, provided the parent is wearing a mask. Our new patient exam room has been set up with physical barriers to allow for social distancing. If you would like, we can arrange a FaceTime session so that another parent or family member can be involved in the new patient discussion.   

-Please ensure each patient brushes their teeth thoroughly and uses the restroom before leaving home for our office. Our toothbrushing station will be closed for safety, and we would like to minimize use of the patient restroom.  



1) Our commitment to quality, timely treatment of our patients and our love for what we do  2) The individual care and attention you have come to expect from our Team and 3) The warm, friendly vibe of our office....we'll be smiling at you underneath our masks! 


Best wishes to all our patient families for continued health and safety-


Dr. Andrew Wade and the Wade Orthodontics Team