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New COVID protocols for Wade Orthodontics offices (effective March 21, 2022)

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Dear Wade Orthodontics patients and families,

Thank you for supporting our efforts at preventing COVID-19 transmission in our offices over the last two years through mask-wearing.  We are cautiously optimistic about the falling infection rates in central Ohio, and as such are ready to modify our office COVID protocols to reflect current threat levels.  


Starting on Monday, March 21st, 2022, the following changes will be in effect:

1) Mask-wearing will become optional in all parts of our offices for patients, parents, guardians and siblings

2) Mask-wearing will be encouraged for those at extra risk of COVID-19 infection or for those who are more comfortable wearing a mask.  

3) Masks will be readily available at the entrance of our offices if needed

4) The toothbrushing area will re-open in the office on a limited/case-by-case basis, at the direction of your orthodontic technician


What is NOT changing:

1) Our commitment to a safe, infection-free office environment 

2) Wade Orthodontics team members will continue to be masked at all times when working with patients in the clinical/treatment areas of our offices.  Team members may not always be masked in the administrative areas of our offices, such as at the front desk or conference rooms.

3) For the safety or our patients and office team, no one (including patients, parents, siblings or guardians) should enter our offices if knowingly sick, symptomatic, or recently-exposed to COVID-19.  

4) Infection-control barriers will stay in place as-needed throughout the offices

5) Mask/infection-control policies may be revised  or re-introduced at any time at our discretion based on changing COVID-19 conditions.  


Many thanks to all of our patients and their families for your cooperation and ongoing support of our COVID-19 precautions.  Best wishes for safety and health in the coming months.  

-Dr. Wade and the Wade Orthodontics Team